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Embracing Inclusivity

May 13, 2024

Embracing Inclusivity: The Vital Role of Students with Disabilities in Online School Activities  In a genuinely inclusive educational environment, every student should be able to actively participate in school activities with their peers, regardless of their abilities. Embracing inclusivity goes beyond the legal and ethical obligations—it fosters a culture of acceptance, diversity, and […]

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Leap into Learning: Exploring the Wonders of Leap Year!

February 14, 2024

Have you ever noticed that February gets an extra day every four years? That’s because it’s a leap year, and it’s happening in 2024! A leap year is a year that contains an extra day, making it 366 days instead of the usual 365. This extra day is added to […]

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Winter: Creative & Educational Activities for Parents & Kids

December 19, 2023

A Season of Joy and Learning As winter blankets the world, parents can turn this season into a treasure trove of winter creative and educational activities for their children. So we’ve created a list of activities that promise to spark curiosity, foster learning, and create lasting memories. Infusing Winter Days […]

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Stand Against Bullying

October 19, 2023

National Bullying Prevention Month Though we at OHDELA are always creating safe spaces for students, October draws special attention to the important issue of bullying. 1 in 5 students now report experiencing bullying behavior in school. It is a serious matter and has become one of the top reasons parents […]

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Mental Health Matters

September 19, 2023

Activities to Help Improve Mental Health It is essential to maintain both good physical and mental health as you learn and grow. Engaging in good routines and activities can help students reduce stress, improve mood, and increase self-esteem. All of which help to prevent feeling down and for many, depressed. […]

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Welcome to New Students!

May 30, 2023

Welcome to OHDELA, the Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy! At OHDELA, we believe that education is not just about learning, it’s about growing, succeeding, and fostering lifelong learners. Our online school inspires minds, engages students, and provides a learning experience for life. Our passionate Ohio-licensed teachers offer daily academic […]

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Summer Bucket List

June 16, 2021

A Summer Bucket List for Families Summer is approaching and it can be hard deciding how best to spend time with our family. There are so many options! Due to the pandemic, we may see more families opting out of vacations and enjoying time spent at home this summer. You […]

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OHDELA Family Featured on WTOL 11 News

February 3, 2020

“Bobbie Beaty’s two sons have always done public schooling, but when she heard a friend had chosen online school for her children, she was intrigued. There are many online school options, and much of it is tuition-free. There are both public school online and homeschooling online. However many of these […]

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OHDELA Student Featured in OCCS Video for National Charter Schools Week!

May 10, 2018

It’s National Charter Schools Week! OCCS has recognized OHDELA student, MaKenzie Taylor. She was born with a Lymphatic Malformation but that isn’t stopping her from participating in the things she loves: painting and helping out with horses. You can follow more of her journey at Makenzie’s journey.

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December 18, 2017

    OHDELA students shared their outstanding talents for the fall edition of the Middle School literary magazine Petals: of Stories, Poems and More, 3rd edition, December 2017. In this issue, students demonstrated higher-order thinking skills by applying acquired knowledge, facts, and techniques to create visual and literary art.     Students […]

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