How to Enroll

Enrolling your student is simple—start the process today!

OHDELA is an online, public charter school recognized by the State of Ohio. We offer students the ability to learn in a 21st Century Virtual Classroom. Students will be provided with a laptop to complete their coursework. The parent/guardian is responsible for maintaining a working phone and internet connection at the place where the child is receiving their education. Live classes are vital to your child’s education and attendance is mandatory. Expect that your child will be logged into classes and engaged in school work throughout the day.

The following items must be submitted before your child’s application can be processed:

  • Signed and completed Application for Admission (Online Enrollment Form)
  • Proof of Residency IN THE PARENT/GUARDIAN’S NAME (Must be within 60 days of enrollment date)
    • Please provide one of the following documents:
      • Rental/Lease Agreement
      • Current Utility Bill
      • Paycheck Stub
      • Bank Statement
  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Guardianship or Custody Documents (If Applicable)
  • Valid State Issued Photo ID (Parent/Guardian)
  • Immunization Records
  • Transcript/Special Education Records
  • Income Verification Form
  • Request for Records  (Please note: the request for records form will not be sent to the previous school until all required documentation is submitted to the admissions team.)
  • Parent/Student Handbook Signature Page   2017 – 2018 Handbook Coming Soon
  • Title 1 Compact Form
  • If your student has been home schooled, please speak with an admissions counselor to receive a copy of our home school packet.
  • If you are applying as an independent student (18+), please speak with an admissions counselor to confirm eligibility.

You may email a scanned copy to Admissions@delastudent.com or fax to 1-888-335-2329.

Congratulations on taking control of your child’s education with OHDELA and as always, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors at 1-800-493-8680 if you have any questions on completing these steps.

We want you to secure your spot at OHDELA and be a part of our exclusive learning community. To do that be sure to submit the required enrollment documentation within 30 days. If we do not receive the required documentation in the 30 day window, your application will be denied and you will need to re-apply.

ORC 3313.6411 states (B) When a student enrolls in a school operated by a city, exempted village, or local school district, a school official with responsibility for admissions shall provide the student’s parent, during the admissions process, with a copy of the most recent report card issued under section 3302.03 of the Revised Code. You can access OHDELA’s Ohio Department of Education report card at the following URL: http://bit.ly/delareportcard

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