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How to Enroll at OHDELA

Enrolling K–12 for the 2023-24 School Year

Step 1: Create An Account

Begin the process by creating an account in our Online Enrollment Portal.

Step 2: Complete Your Registration

Add your new student(s) information and click Submit.

Step 3: Upload All Required Documents

You may upload documents by using a scanner or by taking a high quality and clear picture using your smartphone camera. Visit our Enrollment Resources page for guidelines on qualifying documents, eligibility requirements, and other helpful enrollment information. If you need assistance, please call 216.750.2948

  • Student Proof of Identity (such as a Birth Certificate showing legal name and birth date)
  • Student’s Current Immunization Records
  • Parent/Legal Guardian’s Proof of Residence (dated within 60 days)
    • Will accept following documents as Proof of Residency: Utility Bill (electric, gas, or water/sewer), Mortgage Statement, Lease or Rental Agreement, Original Mortgage/Closing Paperwork such as the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Statement
    • Must match Parent/Legal Guardian’s name

Step 4: Submit Your Registration

Note: you will not be able to formally submit your registration until all forms and all required documents are uploaded within 30 days. If you need assistance with uploading your required documents, please call 216.750.2948

Step 5: Registration Verification and Enrollment!

Once all your required documents are verified, you will receive notification of your student’s official enrollment with OHDELA.

Thank you for your interest with OHDELA. We look forward to welcoming you to our school community.

Looking to enroll in High school?

OHDELA has closed high school enrollment for the 2022-23 school year. Gateway Academy is a sister school that provides a path to graduating on time. It is set up for students who need to catch up or who need an alternative to a traditional high school.

Have Questions?

Questions About the Enrollment Process

Whether that includes questions about the enrollment process itself, the documents necessary for the enrollment or a number of other things, our enrollment specialists are ready and waiting for your call!

Speak to an enrollment specialist at OHDELA today by calling 888-878-4530

Eligibility Requirements:

High speed internet and a working phone is required for ALL students enrolled at OHDELA. Please see information here about our Internet Reimbursement program.
The parent/legal guardian or Independent student must reside in the state of Ohio and be able to provide recent proof of residency and all other required documentation.
Students must participate in ALL state and board authorized testing and assessments per their grade level.
Students must be able to complete ALL Ohio graduation requirements by student’s 22nd birthday.

ORC 3313.6411 states (B) When a student enrolls in a school operated by a city, exempted village, or local school district, a school official with responsibility for admissions shall provide the student’s parent, during the admissions process, with a copy of the most recent report card issued under section 3302.03 of the Revised Code. You can access OHDELA’s Ohio Department of Education report card here.