Our Team

Our leadership is dedicated to bringing what they’ve learned to OHDELA to provide your family with the best online learning in Ohio.

OHDELA administrators, supervisors and teachers work closely together to make sure children like yours stay engaged and reach their full potential in our school. OHDELA focuses on finding leaders with extensive training and experience in the classroom and with online schools to make sure our young students get the best education online schools in Ohio have to offer. They also work with our board of directors and charter school sponsor to make sure OHDELA students meet or exceed Ohio academic standards.

Learn more about the tools our leadership and teachers provide to help your child succeed.

School Leadership Team

Jamie Campbell, Principal
William Tinlin, Director of IT
Cindy Johnson, Director of Special Education

Board of Directors

Comprised of business, community and education leaders who see the big picture of education in Ohio, the members of our Board of Directors are passionate about education and dedicated to making the best decisions for our students.

Here is the current list of the OHDELA board of directors:

  • Eric Fankhauser – President
  • Henry Sears – Vice President
  • Michael Temple – Treasurer
  • Felicia Sanchez
  • Tiffanie McNair


Ohio charter schools partner with an official sponsor to hold schools accountable. Sponsors help their partner schools stay compliant with state education standards, provide training and resources to stay competitive and help schools keep their pledges to their students.

OHDELA’s sponsor, the Ohio Council of Community Schools, drives its member schools across Ohio to succeed in the same way that schools push students to perform their best. Part of its job is to give resources to its member schools to improve their offerings. It also holds schools like OHDELA accountable for state education standards and its own code of achievement. When your family joins OHDELA, you’re getting protection and support from our sponsor as well.

Our leaders make up just one part of what makes OHDELA an outstanding place for your child to learn and grow. Let our experienced staff help your child find the resources he or she needs to be successful! Speak to one of our advisors for guidance or to get started enrolling today.