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Faculty and Staff


OHDELA teachers are devoted to helping your child succeed in K-12 online school and preparing them for a successful academic future. OHDELA faculty and staff believe each student deserves a learning experience that best suits their learning style and needs and the resources needed to excel. They work to build a relationship with each student and to partner with parents, who play a guided and active role in the educational process.

OHDELA faculty and staff believe in their students.

Every OHDELA student is matched with an academic advisor who monitors attendance and academic progress while establishing goals with both student and parents. They will also assist with post-graduation planning. During the school year, students participate in live class sessions taught by our highly qualified, state-licensed teachers, who make it a top priority to identify each student’s learning style. After recognizing individual student strengths and weaknesses, our teachers work to equip students with resources unique to their needs.

OHDELA faculty and staff members also work directly with families and students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). OHDELA’s Intervention Specialists work with families to ensure that the goals, objectives, and accommodations of IEPs are met and appropriate course selections are made.

OHDELA teachers partner with parents.

In the OHDELA virtual learning environment, parents must be present in their student’s daily routine, reviewing their child’s work, helping them set and reach goals, and ensuring that their student is adequately communicating with the teacher. One of the perks of having your child at home is that parents have control over the materials to which their child is exposed. However, a challenge of traditional homeschooling is that parents are left to navigate learning standards and lesson plans without guidance. At OHDELA, our teachers partner with parents, giving them the control they want over their children’s education while leading them through the state educational requirements. Our teachers provide parents with teaching tips they can use to help guide their child through schoolwork subjects, questions, and assignments and maintain communication with families throughout time at OHDELA.

Your Student Services Team!

The Student Services team provides holistic coordination of support services related to onboarding, academics, attendance, engagement, health, and wellness. The team ensures all students receive the necessary support, from general school-wide programming to individualized intervention and action planning. Through collaboration with teachers, students, parents, and community organizations, the Student Services team provides wrap-around support to ensure students are motivated and stay on track for graduation.

Onboarding Coaches

Your OHDELA Onboarding Coaches will work with you in the beginning stages of your journey at OHDELA. Whether you are a returning student learning about updates and getting a refresher on our program or a new student learning the ins and outs of online learning. The onboarding coaches help students start the school year off strong by providing orientations and check-ins. Coaches are available throughout the school year to ensure you and your student have all of the knowledge and skills you need to have a successful school experience.

Engagement Coaches

Engagement coaches work with students throughout the school year. Their primary focus is student success. Coaches help with the delivery of student services, and initiatives, and provide interventions. Additionally, they provide support to increase student engagement and learning outcomes that lead to the successful completion of a student’s academic grade level.

Attendance Support Specialists

Heidi Simone, our attendance support specialist, assists families struggling with attendance to help problem-solve issues that you may be facing.

Student Services Director

Jacqueline Gray

Guidance Counselors:

Sara Porras: Grades K-8
Lea Crooks: Grades 9-11
Chris Hafer: Grades 12

Family Resource Specialist

Sallie Houpt