Who to Contact

Wondering about who to contact at OHDELA? Find out more below!

Whether your student is already enrolled at OHDELA or your family is thinking about making the switch from traditional school to online virtual school, questions and concerns inevitably come up! You may not always know who the best person is to contact—with so many OHDELA staff members available to answer your questions, choosing the right one can be difficult. To help you get in touch with the correct OHDELA staff member, we put together this list to make getting your questions answered even easier.


Do you have a question about enrolling your student at OHDELA? Whether that includes questions about the enrollment process itself, the documents necessary for enrollment or a number of other things, our enrollment specialists are ready and waiting for your call!

Speak to an enrollment specialist at OHDELA today by calling 866-509-3099.


If your student is ill or will not be logging in to complete their daily schoolwork, please remember to call the OHDELA Attendance Line to leave a message that your student will be absent.

Call the OHDELA Attendance Line today at 866-379-0543.


MyChoice gives you the opportunity to spend up to $200 per student per school year on supplemental academic programs near you that directly improve the academic achievement of your student at OHDELA, and you could be reimbursed for that expense based on qualifying criteria.

To learn about the qualifying criteria or if you have any questions, please contact our My Choice Coordinator by phone at 330-253-8680, option 8 or email at


Families enrolled at OHDELA can qualify to be reimbursed for their internet service, allowing students to access all materials necessary for their classes and ongoing academic success. Please call 330-253-8680, option 8 or email at for more information and to find out if your family is eligible.


Enrolled students and families—are you having trouble accessing Buzz, using your OHDELA laptop or accessing any OHDELA coursework? Give the Help Desk a call and they will help you get back to your schoolwork.

Get in touch with the Help Desk today: 800-493-8680 and press 2


Curriculum, academic programs, OHDELA’s approach to academics and more all fall into the category of academic programming. If you have any questions about any of OHDELA’s academic programs, OHDELA Principal Ms. Jamie Campbell would be happy to answer them.

Give Ms. Campbell a call today at 330-643-5503 or email her at


For questions, concerns and information regarding your student, their assignments and their progress in their OHDELA classes, the best person to contact is their teacher. All of our teachers are available for questions and have Live Help times set up throughout the day.

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