Dear OHDELA Families:

At OHDELA, the safety and security of all of our students is our number one priority. While we strive to provide for the safest and most secure learning environment, we also must adapt as technology evolves. It has come to our attention that there were some concerns relating to live instructional sessions which we have recently addressed. We are confident that the steps we have taken will support our mission, enhance our safety and security measures, and result in an improved student experience.

To ensure a consistent focus on teaching and learning, please take note of a few live class session reminders and expectations:

  • Students must not change their names in live session to anything other than their proper legal name. If a student does change his or her name, we will identify the student and will take disciplinary action.
  • Students must use the live class session chat feature appropriately, which includes limiting chat remarks to on-topic discussions as directed by the classroom teacher.
  • Students must not use webcams unless asked to do so by the classroom teacher.
  • Students must raise their hand, or indicate their desire to speak using the chat feature, to use the microphone and must be given permission by the classroom teacher.
  • Students must not use annotation tools (drawing tools) unless asked to do so by the classroom teacher.
  • Students must be respectful of the teacher and his/her classmates at all times.
  • It is expected that all students follow all classroom instructions and remain on task.
  • Failure to follow established class rules will first result in a warning and potential removal from class. A second violation of class rules will result in the school principal being notified and the student being banned from the live class sessions (the student will need to view the class recordings) until the end of the academic quarter.

    Thank you for your understanding and support as we work together for the benefit of all students. For questions or concerns related to Zoom security and safety, please email

    OHDELA Leadership Team


    Students who will not be returning to OHDELA must return their computers in order for records to be released. Until all OHDELA equipment is returned, the School will put a fine of $300 per student on all accounts and records will not be released until the equipment is returned or the fine is paid.


    OHDELA issues final grades only at the end of the school year for all students in grades K-8. High school final grades are issued upon course completion. Report cards for all students will be mailed out at the end of the year. If you think there is a problem with your report card, please contact your Advisor. For students who do not elect to attend OHDELA next year, you must return your computer or a fine will be placed on your account which will prevent the release of your records.


    We are planning many fun (optional) activities over the summer. Access the Summer Activities tab for details after logging into Blackboard!


    Progress reports are emailed at least monthly for all students and are sent twice a month for students who are not on pace. Student progress may be accessed at any time by logging into your Guardian DELA Blackboard account.


    OHDELA and all Ohio Schools test students during the months of October, November, December March, and April so if you are planning any travel during the 2017-18 school year, please plan to be in Ohio during these months. Testing is mandatory. Students who do not test may be subject to withdrawal. Major testing dates are noted on the School’s calendar. Additional dates will be provided for students who are required to take specific tests.


    All new students will need to participate in Orientation for the 2017-2018 school year. The Schedule for Orientation will be posted in mid-August. Orientation and Map Testing will be held the week of August 21st, 2017. Attendance in your required orientation session and testing is required.

    Vaccination Requirements for 2017-18

    The Ohio Department of Health is requiring the Meningococcal Vaccine for students entering 7th and 12th grade for the 2017-18 School year.  Click Here for the full list of vaccination requirements