Our OHDELA Community: Supporting a Tuition-Free, K-12 Online School in Ohio

OHDELA’s offers a vibrant, supportive school community with various ways to connect, whether that be through a live class session, school event, or one of our social media channels. In addition, student clubs, enrichment programs, and community service projects make students feel like they are a part of something and provide opportunities for social interaction.

When you enroll with OHDELA you become part of a statewide community of families working together to ensure their children experience a quality online education filled with meaningful interactions and opportunities to explore their interests. And parents can feel at ease knowing that the OHDELA school community is here to provide the help they need getting started, and throughout the school year.

Celebrating #schoolchoice by doing fun activities and remembering how blessed we are to be able to homeschool [public school at home]. Thank you to the awesome teachers and staff at OHDELA and for providing the curriculum and field trips to get Tess even more involved in education that meets her accelerated learning style. Remember, education should be fun and informative, not stuck in a box like we used to be.

Dani, OHDELA Parent 2020

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?
Kids with distinctive physical appearances tend to be victims of bullying. Thank you OHDELA for always giving MaKenzie the confidence she needs and always allowing her to believe in herself. MaKenzie is in the 8th grade now and has been attending since Kindergarten. We chose OHDELA because of medical reasons and MaKenzie is happy and feels safe right where she is. This week she is proudly showing her support with OHDELA to choose kindness over bullying.

Kelly Taylor, OHDELA Parent 2020

When my Jake was younger he was a victim of bullying . He always stood up for other kids that were being bullied and he became a target for the bullies to pick on him because he stood up to them when they were being mean and cruel to others.. That's when i decided to withdraw him from a brick school and allow him to do the online classes. He is doing so good now and he is no longer a victim of bullying. He is happy now and no longer sad or depressed.

Maytee Clarke, OHDELA Parent 2020

A look inside OHDELA’s online school for K-12