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our ohdela community

Our OHDELA Community

Supporting a Tuition-Free, K-12 Online School in Ohio

OHDELA offers a vibrant, supportive school community with various ways to connect through a live class session, school event, or one of our social media channels. In addition, student clubs, enrichment programs, and community service projects make students feel like they are a part of something and provide opportunities for social interaction.

When you enroll with OHDELA, you become part of a statewide community of families working together to ensure their children experience a quality online education filled with meaningful interactions and opportunities to explore their interests. Parents can feel at ease knowing that the OHDELA school community is here to help them get started and throughout the school year.


  • “I love OHDELA; my daughter was being severely bullied at her last school, her grades were suffering. She’s improved 10x since we’ve been at OHDELA.”  OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “All of the teachers seem to really care that each child passes. They take the time to go through the lessons as many times as needed for each student to master each concept and they offer help sessions for anyone who may be struggling to understand. Overall very pleased with the school as a whole. Also, I think the i-Ready program is the best program my children have ever used. It makes learning to read and do math easier and fun! It’s the best tool we have had access to in our 9 years of online schooling. I can not express enough how great the i-Ready program is.” Michele, OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “I’m very pleased with the coursework. It’s not to much. In public school, it felt like my daughter was weighed down with endless amounts of work, to the point she developed anxiety and lost confidence in herself. OHDELA provides a form of work at your pace but also holds the student accountable. I really like all the feedback and the effort OHDELA puts into keeping me up to date. The teachers are very helpful and always offering extra help if needed. This is something you just don’t get with public school. “  Catherine, OHDELA Parent 2023

A look inside OHDELA’s online school for K-12