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Thank You!

Our Enrollment Team Will Contact You Soon. In the Meantime, Take the First Step by Submitting Your Application.

Step 1: Create an Account

Begin the process by creating an account in our Online Enrollment Portal.

Step 2: Complete the Registration

Add your new student information and submit.

Step 3: Upload Required Documents

You may upload documents by using a scanner or by taking a high quality and clear picture using your smartphone camera. Visit our Enrollment Resources page for guidelines on qualifying documents, eligibility requirements, and other helpful enrollment information.

  • Student Proof of Identity (such as a Birth Certificate showing legal name and birth date)
  • Student’s Current Immunization Records
  • Parent/Legal Guardian’s Proof of Residence (dated within 60 days)
    • Will accept following documents as Proof of Residency: Utility Bill (electric, gas, or water/sewer), Mortgage Statement, Lease or Rental Agreement, Original Mortgage/Closing Paperwork such as the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Statement
    • Must match Parent/Legal Guardian’s name

Step 4: Registration Verification and Enrollment

Once your required documents are verified, you will receive notification of your student’s official enrollment.