High School

Grades 9-12

Free Online High School in Ohio for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grades

No matter the student’s educational goal, whether graduating to further study in a community college, university or trade school, or begin work right away. OHDELA online high school in Ohio is dedicated to preparing him or her for future success. OHDELA online high school students are given the tools they need to flourish intellectually and receive their high school diploma online.

At OHDELA, we take pride in providing students with positive experiences, interactive environments and a strong knowledge base. We do this with a mix of teacher-led learning, individual attention and occasional scheduling flexibility.

The OHDELA online high school curriculum follows Ohio’s learning standards to ensure that our students are prepared for their educational journeys after graduation. OHDELA online high school students take part in critical thinking exercises, concept development and applied theory, all of which allows students to understand critical ideas and explore their interests. All high school students at OHDELA are required to take courses in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, but students can also customize their education by earning credit in a wide variety of elective courses such as music, business, technology, creative writing, and anatomy & physiology. OHDELA online high school provides an alternative learning option for high school students who prefer to continue their education outside a traditional classroom.

Ohio’s Learning Standards for high school students by subject include:

English and Language Arts


Social Studies


Health and Physical Education

Art and Music

Testing and Grades

In addition to earning high school credits, completing and passing state-mandated testing is a requirement of earning a high school diploma in the state of Ohio.  At OHDELA, we strive to prepare our online high school students for these assessments.  OHDELA’s licensed teachers have designed lessons and activities that set students up for success.  To keep students engaged in learning, activities in high school incorporate hands-on computer-based activities, writing and journal work, practice activities, and technology skills.  Online high school students participate in class discussions and interactive online programs.  Students are given many opportunities to show what they know and demonstrate the growth they are making in preparation for the end of course state-mandated assessments.

Parent Involvement

In high school, students are given the tools necessary to take ownership of their education and learn the independence they will need beyond high school. Parents are a very important part of this transition from high school to adulthood.

Parents also have all the necessary resources available to help their students through high school, including monthly progress reports and 24/7 access to grades.

It takes personal responsibility and hard work, but your student will complete online high school in Ohio with OHDELA providing the tools he or she needs to succeed in college and career.