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OHDELA Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy K-12 Tuition-Free Online Public School

Enrollment is Open for 2024-2025!

OHDELA is a K-12 Tuition-Free, Full-Time Online Public School

At the Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy (OHDELA), we empower students to be their best by enabling them to learn in ways right for them—at home, at their proper level, and at their own pace. We believe every student deserves an opportunity to be understood, inspired, and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

An online public school option at home serving students across Ohio, Enroll Today or call 866.509.3099

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Why Virtual Schooling?

Our virtual academy offers an interactive online curriculum and live classes for a collaborative, memorable learning experience in the comfort of your home. It’s not just about education but personal and academic growth. Virtual or online learning is a positive alternative for self-motivated students in the technological era.

  • Live online instruction from Ohio state-licensed teachers with expertise in online education
  •  Nationally Accredited Curriculum designed to be delivered online that is fully aligned with OH state standards
  •  Individual Learning Plans that are proven to work
  •  An Engagement Coach focused on helping students and families succeed
  •  Tiered Student Support Model that includes social and emotional learning with a focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and empathy

The OHDELA Difference

The OHDELA difference is a learning experience unlike any other. At OHDELA, Ohio, K -12 students receive a high-quality K -12 online education that becomes a solid foundation for academic success and a lifetime of learning. At the same time, students can gain responsibility while enhancing their decision-making skills. At OHDELA, our online learning environment allows K–12 students to work with their peers and also have opportunities to attend in-person OHDELA field trips and family days.


  • I am absolutely pleased, beyond measure about how my child’s academic progress has been going! He has never accomplished all A’s & B’s! Lastly, I especially like how easily accessible his teachers are for questions, or concerns! Enrolling my child in OHDELA was a great decision for both of us! Niki H, OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “I love OHDELA; my daughter was being severely bullied at her last school, her grades were suffering. She’s improved 10x since we’ve been at OHDELA.”  OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “I’m very pleased with the coursework. It’s not to much. In public school, it felt like my daughter was weighed down with endless amounts of work, to the point she developed anxiety and lost confidence in herself. OHDELA provides a form of work at your pace but also holds the student accountable. I really like all the feedback and the effort OHDELA puts into keeping me up to date. The teachers are very helpful and always offering extra help if needed. This is something you just don’t get with public school. “  Catherine, OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “All of the teachers seem to really care that each child passes. They take the time to go through the lessons as many times as needed for each student to master each concept and they offer help sessions for anyone who may be struggling to understand. Overall very pleased with the school as a whole. Also, I think the i-Ready program is the best program my children have ever used. It makes learning to read and do math easier and fun! It’s the best tool we have had access to in our 9 years of online schooling. I can not express enough how great the i-Ready program is.” Michele, OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “I feel like even though it’s remote, the school is still very hands on and helpful anytime I have had questions or need help. I have always got help immediately.”  Kelly, OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “I want to give all the teachers a 100%. Every teacher has worked with my child and have helped her but mostly have cared about her. She loves all her teachers. This is the first time she has loved school and it is because of the wonderful teachers. I can not thank them enough.” Lori, OHDELA Parent 2023
  • “Amazing teachers! While the children were attending physical schools I was never updated, or given feedback. I love the phone calls and updates from the teachers.” Matthew, OHDELA Parent 2023

Schooling from Home

OHDELA’s tuition-free online school offers a personalized homeschool alternative, allowing your child to learn at their own pace and style. The program, led by Ohio Certified teachers, follows state academic standards and replicates the traditional school structure. Benefits include reduced distractions, manageable schedules, freedom from peer pressure, and a safe, comfortable learning environment at home.

OHDELA empowers parents with increased involvement in their child’s education, recognizing each student’s unique learning style and providing a distraction-free online learning environment for academic and personal success.

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