The Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy is a Tuition-Free, Online Public School for Students in Grades K–12 in Ohio

OHDELA is a tuition-free online public school in Ohio for Grades K-12.  The Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy helps Ohio online K-12 students thrive in their schoolwork and in life. At OHDELA, we empower students to be their best by enabling them to learn in ways that are right for them—at home, at their proper level, and at their own pace.

A Tuition-free online public school in Ohio, Enroll Today or call 866.509.3099.

The OHDELA Difference

The OHDELA difference is a learning experience unlike any other. At OHDELA, Ohio K-12 students receive a high quality K-12 online education that becomes a solid foundation for academic success and a lifetime of learning. At the same time, students have the ability to gain responsibility while enhancing their decision-making skills. At OHDELA, our online learning environment allows K-12 students work with their peers and also have opportunities to attend in-person OHDELA field trips and family days.

from Home

OHDELA’s tuition-free online school is a homeschool alternative that gives your child the opportunity to learn at the speed, and in the style that is most appropriate for them. OHDELA online school replicates the structure of the traditional school setting, while personalizing your child’s curriculum. OHDELA provides an established curriculum taught by Ohio Certified teachers making OHDELA’s program comply with state academic standards. Benefits of schooling from home include your child largely being free of peer pressure, learning in the comfort of their own settings, and providing an education in the safety of your home. OHDELA puts you in the driver’s seat of your child’s education and provides parents with increased involvement in their child’s development.

We know that every child is unique with different learning styles, talents and interests. When your student is part of the OHDELA online school, the school day and curriculum aims to best suit their educational and personal success. OHDELA K12 Online School allows for a safe, distraction-free online learning environment where every kind of student can thrive.

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