Grades K-2

Online Elementary School for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade

As a parent, you know that those first, foundational years of school are critical to helping your student achieve academic success as he or she moves through life. Learning to read and mastering basic math and science concepts early helps to create enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

At OHDELA’s online elementary school, we’ve put together kindergarten to grade 2 curriculums that not only prepare students academically, but also help to set them up for lifelong success by teaching responsibility, self-motivation, technology skills and organizational skills.

Learning for Success with OHDELA in Ohio

What do OHDELA students learn in each grade? Everything they would in a traditional school. Like all schools in Ohio, OHDELA is required to meet statewide education and curriculum standards. OHDELA elementary school students get a quality, online, distance learning elementary school education.

From kindergarten through second grade, OHDELA students receive instruction in the following subjects:

English and Language Arts


Social Studies


Health and Physical Education

Art and Music


Parent Involvement at OHDELA

Online, virtual schooling at OHDELA is different from traditional schooling in many ways, and the need for high levels of parental involvement is one of them.

Parents of kindergarteners, first graders and second graders are, in a very real sense their students at home learning coaches, keeping close track of the student’s progress to ensure the student stays on track. Parents help students know what to do next in the courses, too.

During the live classes, parents help students to login, move to new classes and answer questions. On non-instructional days, OHDELA is structured to encourage parents to take their children on educational field trips. Parents also remain in close communication with the teacher, serving as part of a team to educate their student.