Grades 3-5

Online Elementary School at OHDELA for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade

The upper levels of elementary school, when students move beyond foundational lessons into more abstract learning, are crucial grades that set the stage for a student’s lifelong education. At OHDELA, we know that It’s in these grades that teachers and parents working together, can help to instill and cement a love of learning within children.

Unlike other Ohio Online Elementary schools, at OHDELA’s alternative education academy, we’ve developed curriculum for grades 3-5 that not only prepares them for success in further schooling, but also prepares them for the future by teaching them basics in technology, time management and independent learning.

A Foundation for Lifelong Learning at OHDELA’s online public school in Ohio

Just like every Ohio elementary school and Ohio online elementary school, OHDELA is required to meet statewide education and curriculum standards. Our learning philosophy enables students to move quickly through subjects if they understand them, or take extra time to master more difficult material.

Unlike some Online Public Elementary Schools, OHDELA class content and teacher class recordings are available 24/7, students can spend extra time in evenings or on weekends to learn the more difficult material while still keeping up with the pace set by the teacher.

From third grade through fifth grade, OHDELA Online Elementary School students receive instruction in the following subjects:

English and Language Arts


Social Studies


Health and Physical Education

Art and Music


Testing and Grading in elementary grades 3-5

The transition to upper elementary, grades 3-5, can be difficult. In third, fourth and fifth grade, students are introduced to more challenging testing and grading. At OHDELA, we understand this, which is why we’ve designed lessons and activities that set students up for success. To keep students engaged in learning, the curriculum and activities in grades 3-5 incorporate hands-on computer-based activities, journal work, worksheets and technology skills. Students also participate in class discussions and interactive online programs.

Parent Involvement at OHDELA

At the same time, for a child to truly achieve success at OHDELA, parents need to work closely with teachers to help their student. Online, virtual schooling is different from traditional schooling in many ways, and the need for high levels of parental involvement is one of them. At OHDELA, both the student and the parents are enrolling, because parents who choose to enroll their student or students in OHDELA will be taking an active role in their student’s education – not only as a role model, but as a learning coach.

In a very real sense, parents of third, fourth and fifth graders are their student’s at home learning coach, providing them with instruction from a certified teacher and an environment that facilitates learning. In a typical week, parents should expect to be helping students throughout each day, ensuring that they login to self-directed class or live class, answering any questions their student may have, helping them transition to new subjects, and keeping them on task. Through it all, parents should stay in close communication with the student’s teacher, working together as a team to help educate their student.