OHDELA Virtual School

OHDELA’s virtual school program is not just about learning; it’s about succeeding academically and becoming lifelong learners.

When your child signs up for schooling from home with OHDELA, your student gets a front row seat in the online classroom, access personalized learning and one-to-one support from teachers, and all the tools he/she needs to learn are right from home. Just sign in to the OHDELA learning management system, and you’re off!

For children who are growing in a technological era, virtual schooling is not a hard adaptation. Virtual online public school is a positive alternative to traditional brick and mortar public schools for advanced, or restricted learners who are self-motivated to learn and succeed beyond school.

You have access to live classes and live help with one-on-one teacher time, robust curriculum, classwork, and up-to-date information on student progress and grades in the Performance Dashboard. OHDELA provides all the key hardware and support your family needs to get online and learning – visit our student resources page for more details.

What is Virtual Schooling?

Virtual schooling is an online home-based education utilizing a learning management system, engaging curriculum, and certified teacher instruction.  At OHDELA, we offer tuition free online public school program, we want you to feel comfortable with virtual schooling and see it as an engaging and informative option for your child’s education.

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How does public school at home differ from other schooling options?

Like a traditional brick and mortar school, OHDELA follows a traditional school year and students take state required assessments. Students attend classes from the comfort of their home with less everyday distractions and enjoy one-on-one teacher interactions when they need it.  OHDELA virtual school is open to all K-12 students, taught by Ohio licensed teachers, and tuition free. Learn more about enrollment.

Below is a comparison of the education options that can fit your child’s needs.

  OHDELA Traditional School
Tuition Free & Full Time X X
Serves grades K-12 X X
Support from Ohio Licensed Teachers X X
State Requirements for Assessments X X
Attendance Policies X X
Established Curriculum & Schedules X X
Earn a High School Diploma X X
Schooling at Home X  
Access to online community & variety of support X  
Learn from the comfort of their own home X  

What support does OHDELA give me as a parent?

OHDELA’s learning management system gives parents instant access to classwork, calendar, access to dedicated teachers, important information, events, teacher contact details and ways to get involved and be engaged in your child’s education. Both students and parents can also easily get immediate grade feedback to keep up with how a student is progressing in the Performance Dashboard and access to our passionate advisors throughout the school year.

Provided Resources

Parent Academy

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