Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement at OHDELA

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You also know that accomplishing anything worthwhile takes effort and commitment. Your child’s education is no different.

At OHDELA, the Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy, we’ve built an online virtual school that inspires minds, engages students and families, and provides a learning experience for life. But for our students to truly realize success, their parents must be closely involved throughout their education.

Online virtual schooling is different from traditional schooling in many ways, and the need for high levels of parental involvement is one of them. At OHDELA, it’s not just the child who is enrolling — parents are too.

A Parent’s Typical Day:

  • Parents can expect that their time will closely mirror that of their child’s. For example, parents of younger, elementary-school children should expect that they will be helping their children quite frequently throughout the school day, such as getting their children logged in and started on tasks, answering questions or helping them move to new subjects, parents will spend the majority of school time helping their child.
  • While parents of older students may be able to take a more hands-off approach, they still need to be present during their student’s school hours. It’s important that a parent stays observant to ensure that the student remains focused, attends live classes on time and works on school assignments when in front of the computer. Additionally, parents of all students should be checking-in with their children’s teachers, not only on academic progress, but also for posted teacher tips they can use to help guide their children through schoolwork subjects, questions and assignments.
  • As a student learns, advances and becomes more independent, the parent’s role changes, but always remains crucial for success.

Daily Student Support

Keeping your student on-task, focused and involved in their schoolwork requires daily support. From helping them get signed in and situated at their workspace to ensuring that assignments and homework are completed, your student will look to you to be his or her constant support system throughout the OHDELA online school process. By offering daily support to your student, you are involved in his or her assignments and can help with any problems along the way.


Preparation for the school day is essential. OHDELA asks the parent to help the student prepare for the tasks of the day, especially in the elementary school level. Whether the day includes a test in one subject and a group project in another or a reading assignment and a live class session, preparation can help you breeze through the day without missing a thing. Together, the teacher-parent team can help a student be more successful.

Ongoing Parental Involvement with OHDELA

Parents of OHDELA students are involved every step of the way throughout their student’s education. Checking in with teachers, staying up-to-date with OHDELA news and planning extracurricular trips or activities to supplement the curriculum are great ways to stay continuously involved in your student’s schoolwork.