Our Dedicated Teachers

OHDELA teachers are devoted to helping your child succeed and prepare for a successful academic future.

OHDELA teachers believe that each student deserves a learning experience that best suits their personal learning style and needs as well as the resources needed to excel. They work to build a relationship with each student and to partner with parents, who play a guided and active role in the educational process.

OHDELA faculty and staff believe in their students.

Every OHDELA student is matched with an academic advisor who monitors attendance and academic progress while establishing goals with both student and parents. They will also assist with post-graduation planning. During the school year, students participate in live class sessions taught by our highly qualified, state-licensed teachers, who make it a top priority to identify each student’s learning style. After recognizing individual student strengths and weaknesses, OHDELA teachers work to equip students with resources unique to their needs.

Our teachers and staff members also work directly with families and students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). OHDELA’s Intervention Specialists work with families to ensure that the goals, objectives, and accommodations of IEPs are met and appropriate course selections are made.

OHDELA teachers partner with OHDELA parents.

In the OHDELA virtual learning environment, it is essential for parents to be present in their student’s daily routine, assisting with reviewing their child’s work, helping them set and reach goals and ensuring that their student is adequately communicating with the teacher. One of the perks of having your child at home is that parents have control over the materials to which their child is exposed; however, a challenge of traditional homeschooling is that parents are left to navigate learning standards and lesson plans without guidance. At OHDELA, our teachers partner with parents, giving them the control they want over their child’s education while leading them through the state educational requirements. Our teachers provide each student’s parents with teaching tips they can use to help guide their children through schoolwork subjects, questions and assignments and maintain communication with families throughout their student’s time at OHDELA.

OHDELA Academic Leadership

Jamie Campbell

I am excited to be here at OHDELA working with students, families, and teachers! This is my 15th year in education. I began my career as a high school English teacher, working with career center students. I immediately learned how important it is to help students make connections to content to make learning a powerful experience. I look forward to helping students be successful in online learning! I live on a large farm with cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and chickens. I also have three girls who are involved not only in farming and 4H, but also in after-school sports and activities. We are very busy! In my spare time, I love reading, going to movies, and watching sporting events! My favorite teams are the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Ohio State Buckeyes. Have a great year here at OHDELA and always reach out to me if you need help or support!

Ryan Kilpatrick

I come to OHDELA with over ten years of online teaching and leadership experience. As the assistant principal, I am very excited to be working with OHDELA students, families, and staff as we continue to ensure student academic growth and achievement. I am looking forward to a very successful school year!


Hear from some of our Ohio certified, licensed and credentialed teachers by simply selecting their image

Elementary School

Susan Smith

I was hired in August, and I am looking forward to learning all about OHDELA along with you! I have 20 years of teaching experience. For 17 of those years, I have taught in an online environment. I finished my Master’s degree in Administration in 2008 at Franciscan University. I completed the coursework for a Principal’s certificate also at Franciscan University. Even though I can become a principal, I have decided that I love my job working with students! I am an animal lover as you will find out! Going to zoos and aquariums is my favorite pastime. Everywhere I go, I drag my friends along to see animals. I have 3 cats and a dog. They rule my house, but as long as they are happy, they do not torture me!

Sharon Woodward

My name is Sharon Woodward and I will be teaching Elementary Title Reading. I have over twenty five years of experience with fourteen of those teaching in the online environment. In my spare time I enjoy running, kayaking and biking. I love giving my students a safe and caring place to learn while having the support of an amazing team.

Rudy Studd

I have been teaching for close to twenty years, and I love teaching Second Grade! I really enjoy getting to know all my students. I try to make every lesson fun and engaging! My wife and I enjoy practicing yoga together with our six kids. I usually spend my Fall weekends officiating Division I college football games. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Julia Loutzenhiser

This is my 17th year in education now. I taught in a traditional brick and mortar school for 10 years prior to moving to online education. This is my first year at OHDELA, and I teach 3rd grade, Title 1 Intervention. I have a real passion for teaching online because it gives students a choice in the school they attend, and it meets so many different needs. I also love teaching my little ones, knowing that they are growing academically in a safe and nurturing environment, their home. I’m excited to get to work with you this year!

Jenna Graham

I am the 5th Grade Math and Science teacher. I enjoy sports, photography, and making memories with friends and family. In addition, I go exploring in Cuyahoga Falls, the city I now call home, after living in a small rural town on the other side of Ohio for my whole life. This is my first year at OHDELA, and it is filled with so many rewarding experiences. It is awesome working with students who take ownership in their learning as well as providing a support system to students. I look forward to watching students grow as they help me grow and become an even better teacher!

Colleen Love

I teach 3rd grade ELA and Social Studies. Although I am new this year to OHDELA, this is my tenth year teaching elementary kiddos! I have taught primary and intermediate grades and have worked with both general and special education student populations. I have teaching experience in brick and mortar schools, as well as virtual schools. I love spending time with my family, cheering for the Cleveland Cavaliers, reading, anything Harry Potter, and fostering animals through local rescue groups in Northeast Ohio. I am super excited to be a part of the OHDELA family!

Christina Longfellow

I teach 4th grade math and science. I have been teaching for fourteen years, but this is my first year with OHDELA. I'm very excited to work with OHDELA students and families. When I'm not teaching, I keep very busy with my family. My husband and I just moved back to south-eastern Ohio where we grew up. My daughter, Audrey, is in 6th grade and busy playing trumpet in the band. My son, Zachary, is in 3rd grade and busy with piano lessons and soccer.

Berentha Crowder

I am a 2004 graduate from Notre Dame College of Ohio with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and 2010 graduate from The University of Akron with a Master's Degree in Education. I have been teaching for 11 years (9 years in the brick-and-mortar, and 2 years online) as an Intervention Specialist. I am married to my wonderful husband for 22 years, and we have two children and two grandchildren. I enjoy Bible Journaling, and I love to try out new recipes. Since teaching at OHDELA, I have encountered wonderful students with the attitude of a Growth Mindset. Students believe that they can and they will be successful. I enjoy working at OHDELA.

Amanda Ovelgonne

I am a 1st grade teacher at OHDELA. I have been a teacher since 2002, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. As an educator, I am given the opportunity to have a positive impact on students' lives. As an online educator, I can have a positive impact on the lives of students from all over the state of Ohio. Our students have chosen OHDELA as their school, and I feel very honored to be able to teach them. I graduated from Ashland University with a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. I live with my husband, 2 sons, and our dog. In my free time, I enjoy reading, crocheting, and bird watching. I also enjoy my summers by attending my sons' many baseball games, visiting Lake Erie, and exploring our great state of Ohio. Go Indians, Cavs, and Browns!

Abby Capotosto

I am excited to be teaching 2nd Grade at OHDELA! This is my fourth year online teaching. I love the flexibility that you have and the individual attention with teaching online. When I am not busy teaching, I have a one year old that keeps me busy! I also love The Ohio Staye Buckeyes!

Patrick Chase

Hi. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but I spent the first 21 years of this life growing up in Los Angeles, California. I have also lived in Austin, Texas; Bemidji, Minnesota, and I currently reside in Morrow, Ohio. I previously taught a combined 4th/5th grade elementary class in Madisonville, Ohio. I taught at ECOT as well. My hobbies include weight-lifting, road trips, concerts, and the Cincinnati Bengals! I have a 3 year-old-daughter and 1-year -old son (Kinley and Daniel), which is where my free time goes.

Erin Humphrey

I am an intervention specialist working with elementary school students. I have been an educator for more than twenty years, and I have been teaching online for the past fifteen years, but this is just my second year at OHDELA. I have taught students online who live all around Ohio, and I have even taught students online who live as far away as China. I am very excited about working with OHDELA students and families again this year! When I am not teaching, I enjoy doing many activities with my family. My husband and I are very busy raising our four children in the same suburb of Columbus in which we were both raised.

Heather Westrick

I am an intervention specialist here at OHDELA. I currently work in the 4th grade. This is my first full year at OHDELA. I began last February. This is my ninth year teaching online. I love teaching online because I get to meet and work with amazing students and their families from all over Ohio. It is so much fun working with the technology and seeing my students make progress using the technology. I truly believe that this is the education of the future that we are building. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching the Buckeyes, the Steelers, and the Blue Jackets/Red Wings. I also love going to musicals on stage and walking my two pups. I look forward to meeting you and working with you here in the 4th grade at OHDELA.

Gayle Siebert

I am the 4th Grade Intervention Specialist at OHDELA. I have several years of teaching students of varying abilities and grade levels. My hobbies include Feng Shui, fitness, music, quantum physics, and mindful living. I also enjoy attending concerts, sporting events, and hanging out with friends, family, and my two cats, Bobbi Rae and Shay-Shay. I love working at our eSchool because it allows me to use fun, interactive resources to present best-practice methods that activate student learning and guide students on a journey of realizing their full potential.

Amy Hostetler

I am the Intervention Specialist for the grades K-2. I work on their IEP goals. This is my 4th year here at OHDELA. I enjoy being outside with my children, hiking, swimming, taking walks, and atteending fun sporting events. I enjoy working at OHDELA because of the team work we all have in our K-3 team to help our children grow.

Courtney Gant

Teaching online has been an exciting challenge and I enjoy being a part of the OHDELA team. I love being able to use all kinds of new tools to make learning fun! In my spare time, I like to read, sing, drink lots of coffee, and spend time with my family.

Shelby Persinger

I am Ms. Persinger and I teach third grade math and science. This is my third year teaching here at OHDELA and I absolutely love it! I love getting to work with students and families from all over the great state of Ohio. I also really enjoy being able to use technology to teach my favorite subjects. When I am not teaching I enjoy getting outdoors, working out, and watching the Buckeyes or Indians with family and friends.

Lori Wadlington

I teach 1st grade. I am excited to be starting my 3rd year with OHDELA and I can't imagine teaching anywhere else! A little about my background is that I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. My goal is for my students to wake up excited to come to "our" classroom to see what adventures are in store for the day!

Kayla Gordon

This is my 4th year teaching Kindergarten at OHDELA. I have a 7 year old daughter named Jocelyn, and I have lived in Akron for 10 years. I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and I like to listen to country music. I like teaching at OHDELA because of the flexibility the students have to be able to work from their own home and at their own pace.

Constance Fraley

I have been teaching Reading for 25 years, and I am very happy to be the Title 1 Reading teacher for grades K-2 at OHDELA. This is my 4th year at OHDELA, and I am looking forward to a most excellent year with all of my most fantastic families and friends.

Middle School

Terri Fenner

This is my first year teaching at OHDELA. I am teaching Title Math for grades 6 - 8. This is my 35th year of teaching math, so I have a lot of creative methods to help students understand the subject. This is my second year of teaching online, and I look forward to working with the students enrolled at OHDELA. I love the virtual environment available to students, and I l ove being able to utilize the technology as an important tool in the process. I am married, and I have two sons. One son is a attending the University of Rio Grande, and the other is a senior in high school. Both sons will be attending the University of Rio Grande next year on bowling scholarships. Most of my free time is spent traveling to their bowling tournaments all over the United States.

Sarah Betz

I am the 7th and 8th grade ESS Intervention Specialist. This is my 6th year teaching. It is my first year teaching for OHDELA and my first time teaching in an online setting. I am super excited about connecting with students from all over the state and getting to watch each student grow throughout the year! I enjoy cooking, exploring old buildings, and taking pictures; I use the pcitures in many of my lessons.

Paul Crumrine

I currently teach middle school Social Studies. I am originally from Wapakoneta/Lima, and I currently live in Westerville. I attended OSU and Ohio University where I received my Masters in Education. This is my 12th year teaching, my 6th year teaching online, and my first year teaching middle school! I have taught in Wapakoneta, the Columbus area, and in South Carolina. I like to work out, play Legos with my sons, watch movies, go on explorations at parks and wildlife areas with my family, visit museums and historical places, and I enjoy many types of music.

Jocelyn Harper

I am a 6th-8th grade Intervention Specialist in my 5th year teaching and my 2nd in an online setting. This is my second career, and I really enjoy seeing students grow and change over time. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my 2-year-old Sphynx cat, Pretty Wrinkles.

Dan Arman

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, I came to teach at OHDELA. I wanted to make a difference in my students' lives and share my love of literature and my experience with writing professionally. For nearly 9 years, I used to teach high school level English here at OHDELA, and now I'm back teaching 8th grade. I hold a master’s degree in English Literature & Rhetoric from Kent State University. My hobbies are bicycling, board games, and music. I started my professional career as journalist, writing news articles for a small town newspaper, and I still continue to write, though now I focus on fiction. I have published some science fiction and fantasy stories for various anthologies and even a few novels. (Don't worry, I won't make you read them for class!). I consider myself an expert on both Star Wars and the Beatles. You can challenge my knowledge on music and geek culture anytime. I currently live happily in Akron with my wife--who's also a published author-- and two cats.

Charise Kasper

I am a graduate of John Carroll University, I am married with four children. I live on a large plot of land and love to hike and garden. I also enjoy volunteering and coaching softball. I am absolutely thrilled to be a teacher at OHDELA. Teaching at an online school is a dream come true! I love that my students get to learn at home and get the help and attention they need!

Betsy Alton

I am a seventh grade Intervention Specialist, and I am very excited to meet you and your students. My favorite thing to do when I am not teaching students is to attend movie premieres and spend time with my family. I have visited 29 of the 50 states and have been to 5 countries. I have been teaching for four years as an Intervention Specialist. I am married to a Chemistry teacher, and I have a daughter who is a freshman in college. I love teaching at OHDELA because I get to meet a lot of students, and I love that we can work hard to learn lots of fun things and interesting facts.

Brenda Wolniewicz

I have been teaching online for 12 years. I started working at OHDELA in January 2018. I am an Intervention Specialist for 6th and 7th grades. I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because I love working with students and being able to help students all over the state of Ohio. I am married, and I have two daughters. We have a horse, two dogs, and 2 rabbits. I love to horseback ride, go to our family cottage, and spend time with family in my spare time.

Ashley Johnson

I am Intervention Specialist here at OHDELA, and I am in my first full year here. I have taught online for the past 6 years and really have a knack for it. I enjoy helping my students with their needs. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with my friends and family. I am currently working with middle school 7th and 8th grades. Let's have a great year.

Robin Menon

I am the K-6 grade ESS teacher. This is my 16 year in education and my second year teaching at OHDELA. I love working at OHDELA because it allows me to meet students rom all over the State of Ohio while providing a safe environment. When I am not teaching, I love to spend time in the Metro Parks with my family, and I also love scrap booking.

Laura Evangelista

I am an 8th grade Intervention Specialist. I live in Cleveland with my husband, who is also a teacher, and our dog, Ham. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, going to concerts, and spending time with friends and family. This is my second year at OHDELA, and I absolutely love the staff and students!

Joan Hawkins

I a currently co-teaching 6th graders in general education classes and working with my Special Education students in my Resource Room. This is my 4th year with OHDELA, and I have roughly 30+ years in my field. I retired in June 2014, but I missed teaching and students. I love to garden and make delicious home-made soups. Working at OHDELA is fabulous. The staff is super friendly and super supportive making "work smarter not harder" easy to achieve.

Kristen Swiner

I am the seventh grade Language Arts teacher. I love being able to provide my students the opportunity to take charge of their learning. My students always brighten my day, so I hope to provide them with the same influence! I like fostering dogs from the Cleveland APL, so if you're lucky, you might see one of these adoptable pooches on webcam!

Daniel Rose

"This is my third year at OHDELA and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience as an online instructor. Teaching through a virtual platform allows me to use my passion for teaching, creativity and love of technology to engage students in a variety of ways. The staff and students at OHDELA have encouraged and influenced a multitude of innovative methods. Complementing the curriculum with music, image and video fosters an energy inside the classroom. Outside of teaching, I enjoy composing music, digital recording, and reading."

Julie Norman

I'm someone who likes to challenge myself and constantly set goals. Teaching math in an online setting can be challenging at times. I enjoy teaching math here at OHDELA because I understand the challenges of math. I myself struggled with math growing up, and I like to share that with my students, so they know that if I can do it, then they can as well. I strongly believe that each and every student is capable of learning if he/she works hard.

Shawn Martin

I am the 6th grade science teacher, and I'm entering my 18th year as a teacher. For the past 15 years, I have absolutely loved being able to make a positive impact from a distance as an online teacher here at OHDELA. I am a huge sports fan, and I like to follow the Indians, Cavs and Browns. I like to stay active with basketball, tennis, and softball. Get ready to be "blinded by science" this year, 6th graders!

Brittany Martin

I teach 8th grade social studies. I enjoy introducing my son to the wonderful world of sports and attending as many baseball games as possible each summer. I also enjoy Fall activities like going to pumpkin patches and corn mazes. I chose to work in the online classroom because I believe that technology is our future, and I wanted to have a part in making OHDELA a premier online learning opportunity.

Kris Lisk

I teach 7th grade science and do my best to use a lot of imagination in making connections with my students. I like online teaching because it allows me to create content that is colorful, fun, and connected to real life. My hobbies are gardening, bird watching, and crafting in my barn using nature's gifts of twigs, lichens, moss, vines and dried florals.

Doctor Kitt Kurtz

For 43 years, I've had the great joy of teaching students of all ages, PK through college. I've worked with students from all around the world. I earned a BA & MA from John Carroll University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Ashland University. I once climbed 14,00 feet to the summit of Mt. Rainier, and I completed the course of the Boston Marathon three times. I have great memories of home educating my own 6 children. My youngest son graduated from OHDELA in 2014. This is my 4th year at OHDELA, and I've loved orchestrating the Middle School Poetry Slam and the Middle School Literary Magazine at OHDELA. We have so many talented and creative students! I love great stories, so I'm passionate about encouraging students to get engaged in exploring the insights that come from great reading and the thrill that comes from self-expression in writing. My hope is to help students discover their gifts and talents and to inspire students to rise up and give their best. Students today will shape the world of the future.

Goran Kozjak

As an 8th grade science teacher, I consider it a privilege to utilize 21st century tools to inspire my students in thinking critically and creatively. The wonders of our world and the universe beyond are unveiled through the process of scientific discovery. As Albert Einstein once stated, "It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing, you bring everything to the realm of possibility."

Abbi Grau

This year, I am teaching 6th grade social studies. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Middle Childhood Education. I am certified in Social Studies and Language Arts. I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because I believe that technology is the future of education. I am passionate about history and teaching students to realize their potential, both as students and as members of society.

Kelly Fuhrmann

This is my fourth year teaching at OHDELA. I attended Hiram College, where I earned a BA in Religious Studies, and Western Governors University where I earned my Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification. My license is in Middle Childhood (grades 4-9) Mathematics. As an online teacher, I love being able to combine my love of math and technology with my own experience as an online student I enjoy cooking, reading, listening to music, making Pinterest-inspired crafts, drinking good coffee, and spending time with my husband and friends. We like to eat lots of good food and play games. My favorite movies are ones that are musical like "Mamma Mia," "Frozen," "Les Miserables," and "Pitch Perfect," or movies based on books. My favorite reading series are Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Divergent. I love to read a book before I see the movie and then compare the two.

High School

Theresa Childress

This is my 2nd year teaching at OHDELA. I have been teaching full-time for 16 years, and I absolutely love it! I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to work with young adults every day.
I live outside of Akron now, but I just moved here a year ago. I lived on the coast of Virginia for 25+ years. I have a son who still calls Virginia home. I also have a large menagerie of animals including chickens. My husband and I enjoy working on our home and riding motorcycles in our free time.

Sean Siegert

I am one of the Modern US History teachers in the high school. This will be my fourth year teaching online, but it is my first year at OHDELA! I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because of the wonderful and unique students I get to interact with from all over Ohio, and I love getting to work with and incorporate the newest technology and teaching tools in our class sessions. Unlike many teachers who live and work near Akron, I will be joining you online from beautiful Cincinnati! When not online, I like to listen to and play music, go to concerts, and spend time with my two dogs and fiancée.

Sarah Reichard

I teach high school Biology here at OHDELA. I graduated from Xavier University with a B.S. in Biology and a M.Ed in Secondary Education and have been teaching science for several years in both brick-and-mortar and online classroom settings. I am originally from the Cleveland area. I currently live in Cincinnati with my husband and two children. When not teaching, I can usually be found playing with my kids, working out, or reading.

Sara-Lynn Bender

I am a High School Instructional Specialist. I taught 35 years in brick and mortar schools before coming to OHDELA. At OHDELA, I continue to work with students,which is what I enjoy doing. My hobbies include traveling, scuba diving, jewelry making, and glassblowing. I have been married 25 years, and I have 2 dogs.

Rachel Eastwood

I teach Art for all ages! I have been in education for 10 years, but this is my first year at OHDELA. I have chosen online teaching because I love the flexibility and the safe and secure environment online education provides. In my spare time, you will usually find me working on some house or yard project, cooking/baking for my "always hungry" teenage son, and relaxing by creating new art in my studio.

Kristina Nanosky

I am one of the academic coaches whose mission is to support the teachers and students at OHDELA My experience consists of teaching biology for 10 years in an online setting, and I previously worked as a medical technologist. It is a privilege helping students in a learning environment they feel is most suitable for them. My home life is centered around my husband, three boys, and pets. I love watching my boys play lacrosse, traveling to national parks, and spending time with family. Rico, our Boston Terrier, keeps me very busy because he loves to walk at local nature trails.

Joey Ewing-Wolanzyk

I have been in education since 1997. I am currently an intervention specialist working with students in 9th thru 12th grades. I have 5 children of my own, the oldest being 20 and my youngest is age of 9. I am busy in my community participating as a basketball coach for a team of elementary boys. I have two dogs and a cat. The one thing I love to do to relax is home improvement projects or art. It is something wonderful when I can see the end result. My specialty is working with tile, laying a tile floor or creating a tile wall, but I am up for work on any project. I am happy to be a part of the OHDELA family.

Elizabeth Mangan

I am a high school Intervention Specialist in the Extended Standards classroom. I have been teaching online for over 10 years. I love teaching online and helping each student learn and gain confidence, in out and of the classroom. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my two boys and exercising.

Christyn Lantz

I am an Intervention Specialist at OHDELA's Exceptional Student Services high school classroom. I have been teaching for 13 years; for 7 years I've taught online. I love teaching online because I can provide my wonderful students a safe and fun learning experience. In my spare time, I love to go camping, spend time on the pontoon boat with my family and neighbors, and play guitar for my church's worship team. If you want a GREAT education, enroll at OHDELA today!

Brenda Lewis

I am a HS Intervention Specialist. You can find me in the high school ELA 1 and 3 classes as well as Algebra 1 and 2. This is my first year at OHDELA! I am a mother to two wonderful kiddos, age 13 and 6. We are a very active family! My 13-year-old plays basketball and runs track, and my 6-year-old swims, does gymnastics, and rides horses. In my free time, I run, ride my bike, and lift weights. I enjoy running long distance ultra marathons and long bike rides. I hope to compete in ultra runs and dual-a-thons in 2019. OHDELA has been a great change for me! I enjoy helping students learn online and working with a great staff.

Amber Wisniewski

I am the Physical Education teacher for grades K-12! This is my first year at OHDELA, but I have previously taught Health Education in Cleveland, Ohio. I am so excited to start teaching at OHDELA and to meet all of the students! I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because it gives me the opportunity to teach students all over Ohio and the ability to integrate technology into my lessons. I have two dogs named Ari and Lady, and in my free time, I enjoy taking them for hikes in the national parks near my house! I also enjoy traveling, working out, and spending time with my family! I am lucky enough to live down the road from my parents, grandma, and my brother, so I get to hang out with them often.

Kris Ott

I am an Intervention Specialist for grades 9-12. This is my 13th year of teaching. I have taught in brick & mortar schools, as well as online. I love teaching at OHDELA because I am a strong believer in school choice, and I love to work with students who have chosen the online format. I have 2 children, a son who is 9 years old and a daughter who is 5. In my spare time, I love to volunteer in the community and play hockey.

Sheri Dornhecker

I teach high school English 2 at OHDELA. I am new to OHDELA, but I taught online for 11 years before coming here. OHDELA is an exciting place to teach, and I am thrilled to work with phenomenal teachers and students who make this job so rewarding. At home, I love to walk, watch OSU football, cook, and spend time with my family. My husband and I are parents to two adult children who live and work in Michigan and in Columbus. I look forward to the coming year and some amazing opportunities to grow and learn at OHDELA

Sharon Gray

I teach high school English 1. I have been a part of online education for more than a decade, and I love the opportunities that it provides. I enjoy baking, crafting, reading, and playing board games with my family. I'm excited to be a part of OHDELA and to get to know my students through live session chats and class writings.

Cody Brown

I am the Geometry teacher here at OHDELA. This will be my 10th year in online teaching! I have enjoyed teaching online because it challenges me to use two things that I love dearly: mathematics and technology. I enjoy challenging my students and helping them to become better learners and critical thinkers. In my spare time, I volunteer as website manager, singer, sound board technician, and youth group sponsor at my church. I also sing with the Canton Symphony Chorus and get to sing on stage with the orchestra 2-3 times a year.

Matthew Buckner

Hello! I am a 9th grade Physical Science teacher. I grew up just north of Dayton, lived in Columbus, and now live in Southeast Ohio with my wife and our 3 kids. I enjoy a variety of things: hiking, cooking, video games, OSU football, soccer, reading, music, and much more. I love teaching at OHDELA because of the unique challenges encountered in an online setting and getting that figured out, but mostly because the students here are awesome!

Amanda Base

Hello! I teach Earth Science and Physics (mostly 11-12 graders). I am a graduate of Akron U and have degrees in both Secondary Science Education and Geology. In my spare time, I enjoy teaching classes as a professional dog trainer. I also love skiing/snowboarding, biking, swimming, gardening, being outside, and cooking/baking. I like teaching at OHDELA because it gives students some flexibility and the ability to work at their own pace, as well as more individual attention.

Sarah Crisp

I am a High School Intervention Specialist. I specialize in English Language Arts. This is my second year teaching with amazing students whose excitement for learning make it a joy to come to work each day! My hobbies include walking and enjoying the beauty around me as well as trying new recipes in the kitchen with my three children. Learning is a very important part of my life, and I challenge myself to learn something new everyday.

Misty Rosencrance

I am the Transition Coordinator here at OHDELA. I have been in education for 13 years. This is my second year at OHDELA. I find it to be very rewarding helping students find their path and work with them to transition from school to the adult world. When I am not working, I enjoy many outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and biking. I also enjoy spending time with my family and three rescue Boxers. I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because I get the chance to work with many different students, families, and other professionals from all around Ohio.

Tamarickia Bloomfield

I am a High School Intervention Specialist. I am eager to help each student achieve their goals. I am a huge sports fan.

Phil Aliberti

I teach high school social studies for OHDELA, and I love the educational model here. My teaching experience includes both traditional and online formats, so I am well aware of the many advantages offered here. Students benefit from the flexibility that online instruction allows. Plus, they become more confident and capable with today’s technology. My hobbies are many, and my family and I are up for just about anything. However, playing chess and yelling at the TV during football season rank near the top.

Bethany Cook

Hi! I teach high school science courses & a career education elective. I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because of the interesting & creative students I meet. I also enjoy the engaging online learning tools that help everyone visualize science concepts! I enjoy the interactions I have with students in live class! In my experience, the online classroom environment provides students & teachers with many opportunities to personally connect, and it enables a classroom community to form. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, spending time outdoors, and spending time with my pets!

Frederic Mindreau

I teach Spanish and French to grades 9th -12th. I speak English, Dutch, French, and German, too! In my free time, I play guitar, learn foreign languages, travel, hike on the Appalachian Trail, and spend time with my family. I love teaching at OHDELA because students are hard-working. Teaching in an online learning environment allows my students to experience the Spanish and French cultures and language at their fingertips.

Tayler Willey

I am the 9th grade Physical Science teacher, and I am an academic coach. This is my third year at OHDELA. I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because I am able to share my passion for science with students all over the state. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with family and going to the park with my dog.

Priscilla Wan

I teach highschool Biology and also Anatomy & Physiology. I Iove technology and teaching! I also enjoy traveling, reading the news, and volunteering at my church. I enjoy being at OHDELA because of the way this school is pioneering the future of education and working with the newest innovations for online education. The future of academia will be increasingly online, and the awesome staff/students at our school are working together as forerunners of the future!

Lindsay Valentine

Welcome everyone! This year I will be teaching grades 9-12 in the Social Studies courses of Economics and Financial Literacy, Psychology, and Sociology. This is going on my third year teaching at OHDELA. I enjoy gardening and watching movies. OHDELA is a great place to teach and learn! Good luck this year!

Megan Riggers

I teach 10th-grade English, Media & Communications, and Journalism. My hobbies include reading, puzzles, taking my two crazy Goldendoodles for walks, spending time with my family, and this semester I'm finishing my Master's Degree in Educational Learning, Design, & Technology from Penn State. I love teaching at OHDELA because I believe that online learning is the future of education!

Mike Pratt

I teach high school social studies, specifically modern world history. My hobbies include creative writing, reading, and traveling when I can. I'm currently working toward obtaining my master's degree in European history; my thesis research is focused on sport nationalism in English football around the inception of the English Premier League in 1992. At home, I cherish spending time with my wife and son, and will welcome a daughter into the world around New Year's! I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because it allows me to connect with students in a fun and dynamic way, and to teach them the importance of social studies in an ever-changing world. Fun fact about me: I have traveled to ten countries outside the US, nine of which are in Europe -- my favorite of those being Germany!

Diana Newlon

I believe that online schools are the future of education. Because of issues like bullying and violence in brick and mortar schools, there will be more and more families wanting a safe environment for their children to learn. What place could be safer than their own home. Online schools will bring education to where they are. A young girl spoke at OHDELA's first graduation and she solidified, in my heart and mind, that I made the right decision when joining an online school. She told us that due to the violence in her neighborhood she was afraid to go to school and had given up on ever being able to graduate. She told us (in tears) that OHDELA changed all of that and made her dream of graduating come true.

Tara Michels

I have taught high school Math at OHDELA for the past 11 years. I love finding new and creative ways to teach math. My favorite part of teaching online is meeting students from all over Ohio.

Ben McRill

I teach Modern U.S. History in the high school. Some of my favorite things to do are biking, hiking, reading, and playing with my kids. I enjoy teaching at OHDELA because I love the freedom and flexibility we have as well as the warm atmosphere we experience with all of our students and their families.

Leena Malik

This is my fourth year teaching with OHDELA. I teach Psychology, Sociology, and Financial Literacy in the high school. I enjoy meeting new students each year and building friendships with returning students. The best part of teaching for OHDELA? Teaching in my pajamas!

Steven Frecka

I am a high school math teacher, and I also teach computer classes. Outside of teaching, I like messing with computers and hanging out with my nephew. I like teaching at OHDELA because it merges my love of computers with my love of teaching.

Lori Davis

I teach high school English Language Arts. In my free time I enjoy reading, music, and being outside with my family. I chose online teaching because I have a passion for teaching students and helping them achieve their goals. At OHDELA, each student has a story, and I can work with them to achieve their goals, even after other options may not have worked. Online education is preparing our students for so many technology-based opportunities in theri future education and future careers.

Kristina Cordova

This is my 4th year teaching English 1 and Creative Writing at OHDELA. I have been teaching ELA full-time for 15 years, and I absolutely love it! I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to read and write every day, and it is wonderful to be able to share that joy with my students. Where I live, we have beautiful hiking trails where I walk my dogs and ride my horse in my free time.

Billie Chesser

I have been teaching here at OHDELA for almost 8 years now. I love math and get very excited to share that excitement with my students. I enjoy working out , traveling, hiking, spending time with my family, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Maura Buckalew

I teach English 3 and Career Connections 2. I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful kids, and we love the outdoors, especially being on the Mad River near our home. I've been with OHDELA for five years now, and I love learning, using new technology tools, and making learning fun and exciting for students.