Our Dedicated Teachers

OHDELA teachers are devoted to helping your child succeed and prepare for a successful academic future.

OHDELA teachers believe that each student deserves a learning experience that best suits their personal learning style and needs as well as the resources needed to excel. They work to build a relationship with each student and to partner with parents, who play a guided and active role in the educational process.

OHDELA faculty and staff believe in their students.

Every OHDELA student is matched with an academic advisor who monitors attendance and academic progress while establishing goals with both student and parents. They will also assist with post-graduation planning. During the school year, students participate in live class sessions taught by our highly qualified, state-licensed teachers, who make it a top priority to identify each student’s learning style. After recognizing individual student strengths and weaknesses, OHDELA teachers work to equip students with resources unique to their needs.

Our teachers and staff members also work directly with families and students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). OHDELA’s Intervention Specialists work with families to ensure that the goals, objectives, and accommodations of IEPs are met and appropriate course selections are made.

OHDELA teachers partner with OHDELA parents.

In the OHDELA virtual learning environment, it is essential for parents to be present in their student’s daily routine, assisting with reviewing their child’s work, helping them set and reach goals and ensuring that their student is adequately communicating with the teacher. One of the perks of having your child at home is that parents have control over the materials to which their child is exposed; however, a challenge of traditional homeschooling is that parents are left to navigate learning standards and lesson plans without guidance. At OHDELA, our teachers partner with parents, giving them the control they want over their child’s education while leading them through the state educational requirements. Our teachers provide each student’s parents with teaching tips they can use to help guide their children through schoolwork subjects, questions and assignments and maintain communication with families throughout their student’s time at OHDELA.

Meet our dedicated teachers

Elementary School

Tonya Schuler-Sewell

I support the idea of online teaching as an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar public school, and would like to be a part of its growth and success.

Kristin Kauker

Online learning has been an enjoyable challenge for me as an educator. It's fun working with families all over Ohio. I love helping students who have had negative experiences in other schools turn their experience with school into a positive one.

Kayla Gordon

I love the fact that an online school can help children get an education whether they have a medical condition, were being bullied in school, or just learn better from the comfort of their own homes.

Constance Fraley

I wanted a new teaching experience. After being in a classroom for over 15 years, I wanted a change.

Miranda Brooks

I attended Edinboro University online and really enjoyed the learning environment and format. It allowed for independent studies as well as collaboration with other learners, all from the comfort of my home!

Middle School

Daniel Rose

I have always had a passion for technology. The tools that are now available for online education are extraordinary for both educator and student. They make the learning process more dynamic and exciting. Online teaching incorporates an infinite variety of techniques and resources that can potentially reach any type of learner.

Julie Norman

I chose online teaching because I wanted to try something different after working in a vocational school for 5 years. I was very curious how online teaching worked and have learned a lot of technology skills as an online teacher.

Courtney Nabb

I chose online teaching because I need to teach from home. I am thrilled that I can teach students who are in their homes and choose this alternative way to gain an education!

Shawn Martin

Right out of college, I stumbled upon OHDELA and online teaching, it's the best decision I've made as an adult. I love being able to teach students from a distance, whether they live in Akron, Columbus or Dayton. There aren't real "discipline issues" in our environment, I get to be goofy, and the students get to enjoy school from the comfort and safety of their home without being bullied.

Brittany Martin

I chose to work in the online classroom because I believe that technology is our future, and I wanted to have a part in making OHDELA a premier online learning opportunity.

Kris Lisk

I am considered a very creative teacher. My creativity allows me to provide examples and explanations that help students learn a concept they may be struggling with. I use a lot of imagination to make connections. I like online teaching because it allows me to create content that is colorful, fun and connected to real life. Another thing I enjoy about the live class feature of online teaching is that is allows me to be the drama queen I am so often called. My classes are engaging and fun for not only the students, but for me as well. Every so often I have parents telling me they sit in on my class because they enjoy it so much. That is one of the nicest things an online teacher can hear.

Kitt Kurtz

Online teaching allows for an opportunity to work with students all across the state of Ohio, utilizing the wealth of current technology to promote academic success.

Goran Kozjak

I chose to become an online educator in order to maximize my ability to educate and positively impact the lives of students through the use of 21st century tools.

Abbi Grau

I chose online teaching because it works well with my family needs. I also enjoy working with technology.

Kelly Fuhrmann

I chose online teaching because I believe that it is a fresh approach to education. It is leading the way to a new way of learning and meeting our students where they are. Technology is the way of the present and future, so we must continue to make our education current if our students are to be successful in their career fields.

Jennifer Dewald

I taught in a brick and mortar school for 13 years, and I stepped away from that job so that I could spend some time at home with my daughters and not have a long commute. Online teaching was something that I had not tried before, but something about which I wanted to learn more..

High School

Priscilla Wan

Online teaching is a perfect blend of my two passions: teaching and technology. I strongly believe that online teaching will increase exponentially in the years to come, and I want to be one of the pioneers. I get excited about the potential of the future as technology constantly evolves and integrates with education. The sky is the limit!

Lindsay Valentine

I enjoy teaching online because of the students. The families here at OHDELA are excellent!

Kristen Swiner

I chose online teaching because I love to reach students in a setting that is individualized and comfortable for them.

Megan Riggers

Online teaching is the future of education. I chose to teach in an online setting because computers and the internet are vital tools for our students to learn and master in order to succeed in the 21st Century. I love that our students have these tools at their fingertips, and not just for a class, or part of a class, but all the time! I chose to be an online teacher, because I love working individually with my students. I think that our students have such an advantage in that their teachers are available to work with them throughout the entire day, and they have access to their material when it is most convenient for them. I am so excited about the future of OHDELA and the possibilities and opportunities that we're providing for our students! “We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick

Mike Pratt

Now I am doing what I love and am seeing the fruits of my patience and hard work pay off. More importantly, I am educating the young minds of tomorrow in a subject about which I am passionate!

Diana Newlon

I believe that online schools are the future of education. Because of issues like bullying and violence in brick and mortar schools, there will be more and more families wanting a safe environment for their children to learn. What place could be safer than their own home. Online schools will bring education to where they are. A young girl spoke at OHDELA's first graduation and she solidified, in my heart and mind, that I made the right decision when joining an online school. She told us that due to the violence in her neighborhood she was afraid to go to school and had given up on ever being able to graduate. She told us (in tears) that OHDELA changed all of that and made her dream of graduating come true.

Madison Milligan

I love the flexibility online teaching provides for our students, as well as the heavy emphasis on family.

Tara Michels

I chose online teaching because I love technology and had taken several online courses in college.

Ben McRill

Some of the advantages that attract me to online teaching are the flexibility that both my students and I have in how we manage and utilize our time, the reduced travel costs, and the chance to work with a wider variety of students throughout the entire state.

Leena Malik

Because.... why not?

Steven Frecka

I got into online teaching toward the beginning. I liked the idea of a new way of teaching. I also was very involved working with computers, so online teaching merged several of my favorite things together.

Steven Fiebig

I chose online education because of the flexibility that it offers teachers and students. We all lead very busy lives, and sometimes need to adjust. The great thing about the school that you go to is that you can do it anywhere there is a WI-fi connection!

Brooke Eberwine

I chose online teaching because I love technology and learning new things. I enjoy working with students and am passionate about mathematics.

Lori Davis

I chose online teaching because I have a passion for teaching students and helping them achieve their goals. At OHDELA, each student has a story, and I can work with them to achieve their goals, even after other options may not have worked. Online education is preparing our students for so many technology-based opportunities in future education and future careers.

Kristina Cordova

I needed a change, knew about OHDELA from previously working at a Life Skills Center, and I still had friends there who absolutely loved the experience. At first, I was worried that I would not be able to build the same relationships and get to know my students the way I had in a brick and mortar, but I have found that though different, I am still able to interact with my students and get to know them.

Chelsea Ciptak

I chose online teaching because it worked best for my family. I was able to keep my career and raise my son.

Billie Chesser

I want to help create a quality classroom and course for students, that would equal what they would experience in a typical school.

Maura Buckalew

Online teaching was a new endeavor for me, and I was originally concerned that I would not be able to build relationships with my students;that has not been the case! I have learned the likes and dislikes and abilities and struggles of my students just like I would in any other teaching opportunity. It's one of the things I like best about teaching, and learning the tricks and trades of teaching online has opened up a whole new world for me.Technology is amazing!